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Chemical Spills & Safety: Secondary Containment

Posted by Empire Safety on Jan 11, 2017 11:00:00 AM

You play by the rules. You know your facility has hazards throughout; it’s necessary for production. Some of those hazards are mechanical and require Lockout/Tagout measures, so you abide by those regulations. You know you need to provide proper PPE for your workers; you got that covered too. And you have even made sure that you comply with the standards for stormwater management and spill control. You know how important it is to the health of your workers and to the environment that you keep hazardous waste from getting into the water and soil. And just in case you ever forgot, the EPA will remind you in the form of massive fines. Facility compliance is important to you.  Unfortunately, for many in the industry this is where the safety train stops. Once these certain safety measures are put in place, they are often forgotten about, until a spill or leak happens. Read More

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Spill Control: Prepare for overlooked hazards with custom kits

Posted by Empire Safety on Jan 4, 2017 10:00:00 AM

  Spills Happen You take facility safety seriously and are always looking for ways to increase safety and maximize company profit. And while the hazard storage you have onsite works as it should to ensure chemicals are housed correctly, there’s still a risk of spills. Busy industrial facilities have a lot of moving parts; workers coming and going, heavy equipment and machinery. The likelihood that an unintentional spill will happen is significant due to these factors. Read More

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