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Risk Assessment: Confined Space Rescue Training

Posted by Empire Safety on Mar 1, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Confined spaces are nothing to play around with. You need to know the risks and you need to know how to avoid them. When you think of confined spaces you probably think of the most common examples such as tunnels, manholes, boilers or pipelines. Unfortunately, a good many others are overlooked and when mistakes are made in these scenarios they are often deadly. About 90 workers die every year due to confined spaces accidents and most of these fatalities could have been avoided. Read More

Topics: Facility Safety, Confined Space, Fall Protection Training

Worker Health: Ergonomics for a Healthier Workplace

Posted by Empire Safety on Feb 8, 2017 9:50:02 AM

There is a tool for every job. Whether it is a respirator or a jackhammer. Tools help make the job possible, they make the job go smoothly and they definitely make the job go faster. So, why do we overlook our own body and the tools that it needs to perform the jobs that we do every day? Read More

Topics: Facility Safety, Ergonomics

Facility First Aid: Compliance Saves Lives

Posted by Empire Safety on Feb 1, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Accidents are an inevitable part of life. How employers prepare for injury in the workplace is something that can be controlled. While first aid kits have always been a requirement in the workplace, the relevant standards have been expanded to allow employers greater access to necessary supplies based on the complexity of work and the level of hazard. Read More

Topics: ANSI, OSHA, Facility Safety, First Aid

Spill Control: Prepare for overlooked hazards with custom kits

Posted by Empire Safety on Jan 4, 2017 10:00:00 AM

  Spills Happen You take facility safety seriously and are always looking for ways to increase safety and maximize company profit. And while the hazard storage you have onsite works as it should to ensure chemicals are housed correctly, there’s still a risk of spills. Busy industrial facilities have a lot of moving parts; workers coming and going, heavy equipment and machinery. The likelihood that an unintentional spill will happen is significant due to these factors. Read More

Topics: Job Safety, Facility Safety, Spill Control

Hazard Storage Containers: Is Your Safety Game on Point?

Posted by Empire Safety on Dec 28, 2016 12:47:56 PM

    Hazardous Storage and Fires Let’s talk fire. In an industrial setting, it is unlikely that every single fire or explosive hazard will be identified. In fact, NFPA reported that there are, on average 37,000 fires at industrial or manufacturing facilities every year, costing $1 billion in property damage! So, it is so important to use approved facility safety equipment and practices that have been established by the experts: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Fire Code (IFC), FM Global (FM) and Underwriters Laboratory Inc. (UL). By taking simple and effective measures you can avoid the estimated 18 deaths and 279 injuries that occur annually. Read More

Topics: Cabinets, Flammable Liquids, Storage, Facility Safety

Globally Harmonized System (GHS): Is your Facility Ready?

Posted by Empire Safety on Dec 23, 2016 8:47:01 AM

  Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) for hazard communication. Ok, that’s a mouthful. What does it mean and how does it affect you? Let’s try to break it down into easy-to-use information. Read More

Topics: OSHA, Signage & Identification, Facilities Management, Facility Safety

Loading Dock Safety: Are You Overlooking Some of the Basics?

Posted by Empire Safety on Dec 2, 2016 11:01:00 AM

Facility Safety is a major concern Concerned about the safety of your workers, guests and your bottom line? The you'll want to pay attention to this one! Walk through any industrial facility, whether it is a manufacturing plant, refinery, warehouse or a factory and the hazards that are overlooked will astound you. Read More

Topics: Facilities Management, Facility Safety, Winter Gear

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Station Safety: The Eyes have it!

Posted by Empire Safety on Nov 21, 2016 2:06:56 PM

Knowing how to adhere to changes in industry standards can be challenging at best. Making sure you are in compliance is one of your biggest concerns, but keeping track of everything is time consuming. From production concerns and managing costs to overseeing employees, you have your hands full already. We’re here to help you navigate some of these facility safety questions and compliance issues. This week, let’s break down the Emergency Shower and Eyewash requirements you need to know in the ANSI Standard Z358.1-2014. Read More

Topics: Eyewash, ANSI Standards, Facility Safety, Emergency Care