5 Reasons to Safely Store your Fuel and Chemicals

Posted by empireadmin on Jun 21, 2015 7:06:48 PM

Hazardous Waste and Chemical Storage CabinetFlammable Liquids are a Leading Cause of Industrial Fires

Here are 5 reasons why using a safety cabinet will highly reduce your chances of an accident in the workplace

  1. Security - Most cabinets offer a locking mechanism to prohibit unauthorized access and reduce incidents
  2. Organization - Combustive and toxic liquids should be labeled and organized in their proper storage containers
  3. Compliance - OSHA and NFPA both have strict guidelines about fuel and chemical storage. See article here: NFPA Laboratory Fire Protection
  4. Awareness - Bright colors and prominent labels help ensure the identity of potentially hazardous chemicals
  5. Safety - In case of an emergency, a contained chemical maximizes time for safe evacuation of the area

Reduce accidents and avoid penalties by ensuring the safest environment possible. Empire Safety carries a wide variety of flammable and hazardous waste storage. Protect yourself today! Call 1 (800) 995-1341


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